A fab morning painting some stones that we collected.

Enjoyed enormously by our in house artist Mary as her face shows!


Magical Moments x


So much fun and ready for the next round ….. Feeling the Love!!



A short walk to the local village Church of St Helens in Sibbertoft. This service takes place every third Wednesday of the month – For all residents that can attend.


New chef Ian has fallen into place by providing some delicious lunches with produce from our herb and vegetable garden.

The residents have really enjoyed tending to the plants and we are eagerly awaiting the next crop of tomatoes and runner beans …..Watch this space!


Today we opened Bronte’s Bistro, in loving memory of Bronte Adam’s, who worked as a nurse at Sibbertoft for many years and sadly passed away last year.

The timing to remember Bronte was more poniente  as it linked with activities associated with Dementia Awareness week,

Our coffee shop offers hot and cold drinks, biscuits, and cakes to all residents and visitors. We are also selling old fashioned sweets, which you can weigh and bag yourself, using the sweet scales in the shop.  We have a selection of cards, notelets, paper, envelopes, and toiletries for sale too.

All proceeds raised from the sale of drinks, snacks and consumables will be donated to St Helens Church in Sibbertoft.

The shop will work on an honesty basis with a donation box on the wall inside. The shop will be open between the hours of 9am and 5pm every day of the week. If the door is shut, please just walk inside.

We hope you all enjoy our little gem

Today at St Helens Church; Several residents attended a private church service.

It was wonderful to have access to a place of worship for the first time in a more than a year.