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Highest Rating….

Phil was with you at Sibbertoft for the last year of his life. At the beginning everything was new and it took a little while to find the best way of working together however you and your staff worked really hard, listened, supported and we developed an excellent relationship from my perspective. I felt very much a part of the family at Sibbertoft and in the end I was very much his visitor as he came to know and trust your team more than me. However you always understood and worked with me to allow me to be the key decision maker in his care when there were decisions to be made. This was the last thing I could do for him and you allowed me to do this. In his last 36 hours the care was impeccable for him and for me. I cannot thank you enough as while very sad that he is no longer here I know that he was well cared for in the last 12 months while at Sibbertoft and his end of life care was amazing which helps me come to terms with losing him.

Liz Sargeant OBE MCSP Grad Dip Phys

Great Comments

Thanking you for the care given to our Auntie. She lived more years than she thought possible when first making Sibbertoft Manor her home. Members of staff went above and beyond which we appreciated. Thank you!


Great feedback

We visited Sibbertoft to see if it would be suitable for a dear friend. Sibbertoft exceeded our expectations – we knew it was a beautiful setting and a lovely house with wonderful accommodation but most importantly Sibbertoft immediately felt like a very welcoming and friendly place.
The sense of calm is palpable, arising from peaceful order, overlaid by genuine respect shown to all residents – deeply impressive. Everyone seemed ‘settled’, safe and content in whatever they had chosen to do. Many residents were happy in their own rooms just doing their ‘own thing’.
The care taken with preliminary arrangements has been very reassuring too – person-centred nurse interview. My friend is very much looking forward to the move after six very difficult weeks in hospital – the home-cooked food looks fantastic and access to a beautiful outside space will enhance her well-being.


Care Home Review

My mother-in-law has been at Sibbertoft Manor for a week. I cannot believe the rapid improvement in both her health and well-being.
The home is beautifully clean with spacious rooms and the surroundings are peaceful and comfortable.
The staff are unfailingly friendly, courteous and sensitive to my mother-in-law’s very poor sight.


5 * Review and Feedback…

It is hard to summarise two years of the care of Mum and Dad in a couple of paragraphs.

You looked after Mum and Dad. Your approach was, without doubt, centred around what

they needed/wanted. When it was Mum, we felt involved in her care and the decisions

associated with that; whilst Dad deferred to us, we made sure Dad was fully onboard

with any decision we took. I know he found it hard, and the emotional support you gave him

was reassuring for us. Even though he wasn’t a resident at the time, your team looked out for him too.

When Dad arrived at Sibbertoft, his mobility wasn’t great, but he was able to walk with aids.

Your team did everything they could to help Dad maintain what little mobility he had.

Eventually, when he was unable to walk to the chair, your team always treated him with

dignity and respect. It was suggested that we move the bed to the living room end so he

could see out the window. The kitchen staff tried everything they

could to tempt Dad to eat, latterly Dad wouldn’t pre-select what he wanted, but someone

would still come at the mealtime and see what he fancied (special mention for the kitchen staff)

There was a lot of interaction from all the staff from the gardeners who always gave Dad (and Mum) a cheery wave!

and the lady from the laundry, who always made Dad smile when she breezed into his

room. But I would include everyone if I could because everyone made a difference to Mum

and Dad, directly or indirectly and when we were finding it so hard, you looked after us too, emotionally, and


Thank you


Thank you…

Just wanted to say thank you all so much for all you have done in the last year and in particular while I was on holiday recently. I did not worry at all as I know my relative is safe and in very good hands.


Carehome Review

Mum is an Alzheimer’s sufferer and despite this she is living her best life. All the staff put the residents at the heart of all they do. The home is clean and well looked after. Mum is always clean and dressed smartly… her dignity is considered throughout her care. The daily activities are engaging for the residents and Mum is seen smiling, which is reassuring. I highly recommend Sibbertoft Manor.

SS (Published Review on

Compliments all round

Paula (Registered Manager) is very knowledgeable and proactive and the nursing home is absolutely amazing.
Staff are friendly and happy and the home feels lovely.

Care Home Team

Grateful Thanks

We are very grateful for everything you did for mum whilst she was in your care. Mum had may needs, but your amazing staff looked after her with so much care and consideration.
We were always made welcome (and feel we made many friends) during our years of visiting. Sibbertoft Manor is a well-run, well-kept home in beautiful surroundings and residents enjoy many varied activities.
Staff are caring and thoughtful and are a credit to their profession.

First Impressions…

Very impressed with the quality of life and care you afford the residents, completely unique and never seen anything like it. Well done!


Roy S

Visiting Entertainer