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Carehome Review

Mum is an Alzheimer’s sufferer and despite this she is living her best life. All the staff put the residents at the heart of all they do. The home is clean and well looked after. Mum is always clean and dressed smartly… her dignity is considered throughout her care. The daily activities are engaging for the residents and Mum is seen smiling, which is reassuring. I highly recommend Sibbertoft Manor.

SS (Published Review on

Compliments all round

Paula (Registered Manager) is very knowledgeable and proactive and the nursing home is absolutely amazing.
Staff are friendly and happy and the home feels lovely.

Care Home Team

Grateful Thanks

We are very grateful for everything you did for mum whilst she was in your care. Mum had may needs, but your amazing staff looked after her with so much care and consideration.
We were always made welcome (and feel we made many friends) during our years of visiting. Sibbertoft Manor is a well-run, well-kept home in beautiful surroundings and residents enjoy many varied activities.
Staff are caring and thoughtful and are a credit to their profession.

First Impressions…

Very impressed with the quality of life and care you afford the residents, completely unique and never seen anything like it. Well done!


Roy S

Visiting Entertainer

Happy New Year to you all…

I would like to thank you all for the lovely Memory Book given so thoughtfully to the residents at Christmas. It was so lovely and put together so well and so beautifully presented, my aunt was delighted with it.


A big Thank You.


Lesley S

Lovely words from one of our relatives…

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and consideration you showed my dad, Philip, whilst he was in your care.

Your patience and perseverance were beautiful to witness. Apart from looking after my dad, all of you without fail, were always very welcoming to me when I arrived wet and cold on my motorbike. More tea and biscuits than is really decent would appear minutes after I slipped through the door.

Sorry you sometimes had to spend too much of your valuable time searching for us, only to find us playing scrabble in the sunshine down by the waterfall.

Thank you, for all your hard work….so very much appreciated.

Love and peace to you all


A Big Thank You!

A very heartfelt thank you to you all for your care, consideration, and patience during mum’s residence with you. Very much appreciated by mum and her family. Thank you.



View from a visiting professional …

Sibbertoft Manor is my favourite place to come and give foot massage!

I offer just one of the many treatments/activities here.  So many take place, creative, physical, musical, all making use of the manor house and beautiful gardens.

I recently viewed the Facebook page, I was amazed to see the variety, a real activity centre! It’s pretty special here.

SF – Reflexologist

A big thank you!

I am truly very grateful for the time kindness patience dignity and understanding of my father’s needs, and that most of the time my father spent with you I believe he was as content as he could be given the circumstances of not living with his wife and family. I look back on some of the photos in the newsletter and my father always had a smile on his face. My father was always well groomed and had a lot of social interaction incorporated into his daily routine, which was important for him, being very sociable himself.  My father was an intelligent man with a great sense of humour, and I feel he also gave some happiness to the staff. I thank you all for treating my father for the gentleman that he was.

God Bless Dad…


Comment following Survey …

Excellent results and really great feedback from the home and Ann.  Thank you, for the excellent care and support you give my dad and pass on my thanks to everyone at Sibbertoft.  You are amazing!


DH (Daughter of Resident)