We had a cooking session this week in our Garden Wing and made a very special Cheese on Toast. The smells were very scrumptious and mouthwatering. The snack was taken over to the Main Home so all residents could share; it was very well received!


You can see from the pictures just how much our residents enjoy our regular Musical Mornings.

We have an OMNI Projector at Sibbertoft Manor which is used at least once a month and is enjoyed by the residents.  Virtual games can be played along with music which creates different social activities to the others which are on offer.


Our residents enjoyed the dancing so much a couple of weeks ago, that an impromptu ‘Strictly’ session took place again. This was appreciated by all who took part and spectated. We were even treated to some ‘air guitar’ playing!


Our residents had great fun guessing the contents of the Holiday Bag from our Activity Coordinator, Kate. There were lots of items including jelly shoes, swimming goggles, sun hats and swimming costumes. There was dancing and singing along to holiday classic tunes 🎶.

Our residents have had a lot of laughs and great fun with a set of wooden skittles in the garden! Anyone for a return match….

Our residents who take part in the Arts and Crafts sessions, have been very industrious here at Sibbertoft Manor during the last few weeks making collages for around the Home.

They have made a shimmering collage of ‘Life Under the Sea’ for the Garden Wing ..

And a collage of bright yellow sunflowers for the Main Home.

Here are the photographs of how our residents along with the staff enjoyed their VE ‘Street Party and celebrations in the glorious May sunshine. There are also photographs of the tables and decorations made by the residents and our activity coordinator. They worked very hard to make this a day to remember.