With the leaves falling from the trees and the nights drawing in, the residents thoughts turn to little creatures who hibernate during the Autumn. They have made some very cute hedgehogs from pine cones collected in the grounds of Sibbertoft.


Now that ‘Bake Off’ is back on our screens, our residents have been inspired to do their own baking. Cakes and pastries for their tea…. yummy.

Last week our residents had fun in the lounge making hearts from corks.

Our Residents have had tremendous fun in the lounge this morning dancing and listening to music…

During this week’s Arts & Crafts session, our Residents made Rose Cards. I think that you’ll agree they look very pretty and effective.

Our residents had great fun, as you can see from the pictures, in our Sing-A-Long to the Queen song ‘We are the Champions which was organised for a NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) activity. We were even kept in time by our own conductor with a silver baton!

We decided to explore our drawing talents this morning during our Arts & Craft session.

We had a cooking session this week in our Garden Wing and made a very special Cheese on Toast. The smells were very scrumptious and mouthwatering. The snack was taken over to the Main Home so all residents could share; it was very well received!


You can see from the pictures just how much our residents enjoy our regular Musical Mornings.