Afternoon Tea in the sunshine with freshly prepared finger sandwiches and in house baked goods.

A Sibbertoft Manor resident had a birthday in January and as he is a music lover; our cook made him a cake to reflect this.

One of our residents reached the magnificent age of 100 years old last week and she had a wonderful party with a card from Her Majesty, The Queen, two cakes (one from her family and one made by our cook), ballons which read 100 and lots and lots of cards. She even had a tiara!

We have quite a lot of our residents who have their Birthdays in January and our Cook makes beautiful cakes for each of them. We have taken some pictures of the residents with their cakes on their Birthdays.

Spring comes to Sibbertoft; our residents this morning made very colourful daffodils to change the Christmas collages.

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ ……..