Admission Criteria

A pre-admission assessment ensures that Sibbertoft Manor will fully meet the needs of each prospective resident. This will involve an assessment of the level of dependency, the resident’s history and personal preferences together with any specialist health care needs that may be required. These may include, but are not limited to, physical disability levels or sensory impairments, self-care needs and abilities, medication requirement, mental health or behavioural needs. We only offer a place if we are sure we can fully meet the requirements of each individual.

The prospective resident will always be invited to visit the Home. If this is not possible, the care manager or her representative will make a visit to conduct the pre-assessment. Information will always be sought from relatives, medical personnel and previous carers. The prospective resident, their relatives and representatives, will always be invited to contribute views to assist in generating a truly individual plan detailing care requirements. Where information is held by Sibbertoft Manor regarding an individual resident it will always be made available to the resident upon request. Exchange of confidential information between health professionals will be discussed with the resident beforehand. A review will be held after one month involving the care manager, the resident and relatives or representatives as appropriate. Care plans will be reviewed regularly and residents and their relatives will be invited to complete Quality Assurance questionnaires to ensure that their views are fully recognised.

General Information

An individual contract will be agreed setting out:

  • Trial Period
  • Permanence
  • Notice Periods
  • Fees
  • Liability for Fees during Temporary Absence
  • Reservations
  • Responsibility for Fees
  • Financial Advice
  • Care Services
  • Use and Access to Facilities
  • Tenure of Rooms
  • Insurance for Personal Possessions
  • Smoking/Alcohol
  • Vacating of Rooms
  • Individual Care Plans
  • Gratuities and Gifts
  • Wills
  • Formal Notices and Correspondence
  • Alterations and Amendment to Agreement
  • Complaints Procedure

A copy is kept by the resident and a duplicate is provided to the next of kin or representative as appropriate.

Friends and relatives are encouraged to visit and will always be offered refreshments. We encourage out of home excursions but we do ask that staff are notified if a resident is taken out. There is a notice to this effect near the main access doors.

Social activities, hobbies and leisure interests are actively encouraged within the home and we employ activity organisers to facilitate this.

Residents are encouraged to continue with their religious preferences and the home will ensure that a church representative of the resident’s religious choice will be available for them if required. We hold services within the Home and also take residents to church if they wish.

There is a full laundry service on site which is provided free of charge. We ask that resident’s clothes are labelled to ensure they are returned to the correct person after being laundered.

Sibbertoft Manor is a non-smoking home.

Staff will deliver any personal mail received at the home for residents immediately. Facilities are provided for residents to make and receive telephone calls and wireless internet is available free of charge.

The staff are trained to follow documented procedures in a case of emergency e.g. electricity failure, water disruption or fire. The designated area to meet in an emergency is at the front gates.

The public liability insurance certificate is displayed in the homes foyer.

If a resident temporarily vacates the home (e.g. to receive hospital treatment) the room will be retained if required.


Mission Statement

Sibbertoft Manor Mission Statement

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Residents Contract

Terms and Conditions of Residence

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Statement of Purpose

Sibbertoft Manor. Care Home with Nursing.

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