Sibbertoft Manor


Current Resident Feedback

Well cared for and treated very well by all the staff and have an excellent relationship with Ann the owner.

External care is provided such as dentists/opticians/visits to hospital for hearing tests.

Activities that are provided meet all my religious, cultural, and social needs.

Happy with the meals provided



I feel lucky to have met you all

I think we saw a different side of Sibbertoft during Mum’s last days. The staff went ‘up a gear’ and I felt that we (Mum and our small family) couldn’t have been treated better by your team. In those most difficult and emotion-filled times, it felt that we were supported and cared for ourselves – by a special group of people who, just like Mum in her prime, cared about everyone else more than themselves, I feel lucky to have met you all, and we are still benefitting from that today with dad being in the home also.

Our sincere thanks for all that you have done for our Mother

“Dear all,

I am writing on behalf of my sisters and myself to convey our sincere thanks for all that you have done for our Mother. She moved to Sibbertoft nearly three years ago and many of you have known her since then. You will have witnessed her changes over those years from someone who found it difficult to settle to latterly a much more peaceful person. Your constant care and friendship with her has been very much appreciated..

It must always be difficult for you to look into a room a find that a face is missing. Please be aware that for us as regular visitors that we will miss you all and think of the many offers of cups of tea or coffee that you kindly made for us.

With all our best wishes for the future and again with all our thanks.”

John and Harriet.

Thank you all for caring for mum so well.

“I visited Mum on Tuesday and I was really warmed to see your activities lady had a plastic envelope specifically tailored for Mum with pictures of Royal Ascot, ladies in their hats, the Queen and various pictures of different race horses, and poems of racing. I just wanted to show my appreciation. Her passion and love was and IS horse racing – she was a member of the Royal Ascot racing club (as you know) and to show her any recognition of those days is marvellous. She loves poetry too. Thank you all for caring for her so beautifully. She always looks clean, tidy, pretty and happy when I visit her. It’s lovely that you are stimulating her as we never really know do we what goes on in her head and how much she actually does understand but can’t communicate?

She also has a huge love of tennis – was Tim Henman, then moved on to Andy Murray!
I am sure she would love it if you could put the telly on for her when Royal Ascot starts next Tuesday and indeed I think Queens tennis is on next week too. I know she zones in and out but all this stimulation and nostalgia I feel will benefit her. And of course Wimbledon tennis. Please keep playing the background music when she is in your main sitting room. She loves singing and music. Also church was a big thing for her but I appreciate you cannot take her to the church services but church was a great comfort to her.

To summarise – keep doing what you are doing! We are so relieved that Mum is in such a compassionate and caring home. We don’t show our gratitude enough but it enables us as sad as it is with Mum’s dementia to carry on with our day to day family lives without worrying about her constantly . And that is what Mum would have wanted. She ALWAYS said our kids and lives must come first.

Thank you all for caring for mum so well.”

I just wanted to write to all of you who cared for my Granny, Mrs G.

“To all those at Sibbertoft
I just wanted to write to all of you who cared for my Granny, Mrs G.
I felt you all cared for her with such patience and looked after her so well, and for that I will always be so grateful to you.
It was always a welcoming and warm environment when walking through the door at Sibbertoft, and that counted for so much to know she was in a loving place.
You all work so hard and it was lovely to have had the chance to meet you all. Wishing Sibbertoft all the best, Thank you”

thank you for your kindness and care for Dad

To All at Sibbertoft Manor
I wanted to write to thank you for your kindness and care for Dad in the 15 months he was living with you. Sadly his Dementia meant he was unable to continue to live at home but the thoughtful care and patience you showed him helped him to settle at Sibbertoft. It was clear that you had managed to get to know him and he responded to you – sometimes with that lovely “light-up-the-face smile. It is a bit of a strange time with arrangements to make etc and being a bit of support to mum. We will all miss Dad but hope that happy memories of a long, busy life will come too the fore in time.

Everyone really seemed to care about him – with his lovely smile

On behalf of all John’s family I would like to thank you and all your lovely staff, Carers, nurses, outside staff and helpers for looking after him so kindly. Everyone really seemed to care about him – with his lovely smile. It made our lives more bearable. We shall all miss him enormously but hope he is now at peace.

Thank you for your patience and kindness

To all the staff at Sibbertoft Manor
Thank you so much for looking after my Nanna. It was so comforting too know how well looked after she was. Thank you for your patience and kindness that you showed her in her last years when she was at her most vulnerable. Having worked with some of you, I knew how kind you are and it was incredible how well looked after Nanna was. Keep doing what you are doing, you truly make a difference to the lives of the residents and their families.

An exceptional level of care

On behalf of mum & family, may we please ask you to forward our grateful thanks and appreciation to all of the staff who provided friendship, care, understanding and support to Dad during his residence at Sibbertoft.
It would be lovely to thank everybody by name, but there have been so many kind individuals who have gone above and beyond, that we would be afraid to overlook someone.
You provided a safe & Caring environment and an exceptional level of care that we could not have maintained at home, this meant that dad had some quality of life in his final years.
Once again our sincere thanks for your compassion, dedication and patience in making a difficult period bearable.

For all the amazing care you have given

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to you and all the staff at Sibbertoft for all the amazing care you have given, and for making Mavis’s last few years as comfortable as they could possibly be.
It is very much appreciated and I wanted to say thank you on behalf of all the family.