Sibbertoft Manor



To All
Thank you for inviting me to have a splendid lunch with Margaret on Christmas Day which we appreciated very much. Thank you also for the kindness which you showed to us which made it such a lovely day.


To Tricia and all staff
Message First of all I want to thank you myself for all your kindness and excellent care that you gave to Michael over his long stay with you at Sibbertoft Manor and most of all for kindness, care and understanding in his last weeks.  You have all been truly wonderful.   There are too many of you to name for fear I would miss someone out.  Faces, I always remember but I am not always so bright on names.  Perhaps it is because I too am now rather old!
Anyway, I would like to come over to see you at some point after that when convenient.  In some funny way, I will miss my visits on Sunday mornings, the garden and the birds are always lovely.  I have a lot of birds in my garden here, including a lovely song thrush nest with young which is a great joy.
I know the family and I can never thank you all enough for all your care and kindness.
With my most sincere and kindest thoughts and good wishes to you all.
Of course, my family, Charles, George and Bruce and their family join me with their appreciation and sincere thanks to you all.

Sally, Lisa, David and Mike

The Williams family would like to express their extreme gratitude to all the staff at Sibbertoft for the excellent care our mother, Pamela, received during her time with you in the Garden Wing.
We would also like to thank you for the kindness and care given to our father, Mike, during his many visits.
We appreciate all you have done – you and your amazing and dedicated team.


To Tricia
I would like to say, on behalf of all the family, how grateful we have been for the quality of all the care given to our Mum and the kindness of the staff, for whom nothing ever seemed too much.  We have never for one moment regretted the decision to install her at Sibbertoft Manor and we are particularly appreciative of the gentle and sympathetic way that you and your staff dealt with her and with us in the final few days.

Settled quickly and incredibly happy

My 84-year old aunt has been at Sibbertoft for around six months now. She had never married or had children and had always lived alone so my husband and I were very nervous about how she would take to communal living. Amazingly she absolutely loves it and says she wishes she had moved in years ago. My aunt has a lovely room with her own bathroom and her own pictures on the wall etc. She is always clean and well dressed and her hair and nails are seen to regularly. My aunt is highly educated and has made some lovely like-minded friends. She has joined an informal pre-lunch sherry group. The food is fantastic and there are many events to keep residents occupied – like visiting musicians and film nights.

I cannot praise this place highly enough. The staff are wonderful – always smiling and ready to help. It is clear that they know each of the residents very well and have a lot of genuine affection for them. The place is always very clean with fresh flowers in vases. I can drop in any time I want and am always offered a cup of tea. From what I have seen, everyone’s very specific needs are catered for respectfully, in a very discreet but thorough manner. I have total confidence in the staff and the way the place is run.

My aunt is extremely happy – and she is very exacting so that speaks volumes. Her health and well being have increased enormously since she moved in and I don’t have to worry about her in any way. Sibbertoft is a truly exceptional place!

Excellent care

My sister moved into Sibbertoft Manor early this year. She had lived in London, which meant long trips to see her from Leicestershire. As she has Dementia there were increasing problems with her living independently. It was a difficult decision to move her to residential accomodation, but she surprised and delighted me with the ease at which she adjusted. This was due entirely to the careful programme of support offered by Sibbertoft. Originally she was allocated a key carer, who won her trust and confidence. Quickly she accepted regular bathing and hair washing and her clothes were kept fresh and clean. Now her needs are attended to by many staff, who have got to know her well. On every visit staff sit and talk to the residents and attend quickly and happily to their needs. As I have joined my sister for some meals, I can vouch for the high standard of food offered and the wide variety of choice. The Manager is always available and her office door always open, but if not in the office she is around the care home and talking to residents, staff and visitors. The home is surrounded by extensive grounds, which all can access. I cannot recommend this home highly enough. Thank you. staff for all you do.

Peace of mind

My mother chose Sibbertoft Manor herself because she loved the gardens, lovely community rooms and spacious bedsitting rooms. She has been able to have her own pictures and furniture so her room expresses her interests and earlier life. There is always a wide choice of meals and food available and the quality is good.

After 4 years living here my mother and we, her family, continue to be impressed with the high standards of care and thoughtfulness she consistently receives. When she was very ill for several weeks a year ago the staff could not have been more patient and loving and it was this I believe which allowed my mother to make such a good recovery.

I certainly appreciate the friendliness of all staff when I visit and the open communication whenever my mother is ill or has problems. It is immensely reassuring to know she is in such good hands.

Excellent continuing care

My 96 year old mother has been at Sibbertoft Manor for more than 4 years and throughout this time she has been extremely well looked after. It is reassuring to know that her comfort and care is as good as, if not better than any her family could provide, and has taken a great burden from us. The staff are always kind, cheerful and helpful, both to my mother and the rest of her family and we are encouraged to visit at any time. The home and grounds are well maintained, the food is good and nursing support of the highest quality. I believe my mother is fortunate to be able to live at Sibbertoft Manor.

My Auntie – 93 next month

My Auntie is just coming to the end of a two-week respite “holiday” at Sibbertoft Manor, and my wife and I are so pleased with the care she has received. It is Auntie`s first experience of residential accommodation, but we needn`t have worried. She has thoroughly enjoyed the break, and as we live close by we have been able to take her on numerous outings. She has had a lovely room, and the staff at The Manor couldn`t have been more attentive. She has slept well, eaten superbly, had her feet and ears attended to, and her hair cut and styled – all in beautiful surroundings. Auntie told us: “It`s like living in a 5-star hotel!” We are reassured by the fact that there are fully-qualified nursing staff on duty at all times. We hope she will be back for more “holidays,” perhaps even longer.

Sibbertoft Manor

My mother is treated so well by all the staff at Sibbertoft Manor, we can turn up at any time and she is always beautifully dressed with her hair done and nails often painted but by far the most important thing is so many of the careers and nurses seem to know her so well and genuinely care so much about her, it is so sad to have your parent in a home but We know she is in the best place for her to be at this time.