Movie Monday

All-time favourite films. From our extensive library of DVD's and downloads from Netflix.

Arm Chair Excersises

A Fun class for all levels of fitness abilities. Allowing residents to keep active and socialise.

Board games

A gathering for playing classic board games, including; Chess, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders ect.

Arts and Crafts

A varied range of artistic mediums and craft including collages, paper crafting,sewing, knitting, and origami.

Documentary and Discussion Day

A voted for documentary is viewed with optional snack and refreshments and concludes with a discussion on subject matter.


A general knowledge Quiz open to all.


A nostalgic discussion of events people and places.


A choice of various activities with our Activities Coordinator options include, Dancing, Music, Sensory Exploration, Singing, Baking, Flower Arranging.

What’s in the Papers

Top Lounge

A discussion of news and events that have taken place in the week.


A general knowledge Quiz open to all.