We are actively recruiting for Care Assistants, we have a high ratio of resident to carers and want to ensure that this continues into the new year, We want to achieve outstanding in care, all our reviews and surveys identify that this is a good area to develop further. As a means to support this initiative, there is a commitment to recruit further carers to the Nursing Home. As a new carer working here there is the added potential to receive £600.00 if you join us by the 30th January 2022 and remain in post as a minimum until the 30th March 2022. If you would like to know more please contact me either via email  or phone 0185 8881304

Further information regarding the job can be found on the Sibbertoft Manor Careers page. If you demonstrate the right attitude no previous experience is needed as we will be able to buddy you with an experienced carer, supported by named nurse mentor. – We look forward to hearing from you


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