Garden and Grounds

At Sibbertoft Manor, all the sitting rooms have views overlooking beautifully manicured gardens. Garden chairs and tables allow residents to while away the long summer days.

The gardens are home to several varieties of snowdrop, one in particular named after Sibbertoft. This was developed by a previous owner of the manor, Lady Beatrix Stanley, during the early part of the last century.

Flowers in Bloom
Bird Feeders

Lady Beatrix brought many different species of plants to the gardens. Rhododendrum trees give a blaze of color in the springtime. Statuesque American Oak trees provide shade in the summer.

Lavender, thyme and the many different varieties of rose in our scented garden allow those residents whose sight is failing to enjoy its beauties.

Woodland walks with wheelchair access allow residents to enjoy the beauty of the gardens all year round.

We even have our own chickens!

There are deer in the woods. Badgers can be seen in the garden from time to time.

Inside, the Manor has three sitting rooms where sofas and comfy chairs abound. But not so comfy you can’t climb out of them. Here you can sit back and relax and gaze over the garden and rolling fields. No other building overlooks either the Manor or its grounds. The view is all yours. Or if you’d rather watch something else, there’s a television in the sitting rooms.

Alternatively, if you’d rather get lost in a book, our morning room – also with garden views – is the perfect corner to find solitude. Or a place to entertain family and friends who are welcome to visit, anytime. Even to share a meal.

For a bird’s eye view over the grounds, upstairs there’s a third sitting room. A passenger lift is available, to take you there.